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For HP business printers not covered under a warranty or maintenance agreement

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Does your HP printer need repair or service? Out of warranty, out of contract, out of care pack? Or do you simply need a new HP maintenance kit for your laserjet, colorlaserjet or designjet printer? Don't worry, you’re in the right place to have your HP printer repaired or serviced by knowledgeable HP Technicians and Hp original spare parts. With just a few clicks and some information, we can provide you with a no-obligation quote. From there, you can choose to initiate service by generating an order through email or fax. World class HP support is moments away.

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Maintenance Kits

We provide onsite service
to replace LaserJet/DesignJet
maintenance kits, including
cleaning and a visual inspection.

All of our repair services and maintenance kits

References and Testimony:

Laurent Le Provost HP Imaging & Printing Trade Services EMEA

"The significant costs of printer downtime and its impact on staff productivity cannot be overstated in today’s economic challenging times. At HP, we totally understand what our customers expect: a quick quote to repair an out of warranty printer and the same for replacing their maintenance kits on their entire printing fleet of Laserjets and Designjets while discussing warranty extension when possible."